Montgomery Hall



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title Montgomery Hall
contributor ()
type StillImage
type photographic print
publisher The Student's Council of Prince of Wales College
language eng
description View of Montgomery Hall (women's residence). Shows the four story building, front doors, and a small section of the lawn.
identifier pwc:1022
format 1 p.
format nonprojected graphic
description Image can be found in the front matter of the 1967 edition of Prince of Wales College's yearbook "The Welshman." A digital copy of the yearbook can be found at:
subject yearbook--Universities and Colleges--Prince of Wales College--Residence
coverage Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
coverage Prince Edward Island
coverage North America--Canada----Queens County--Charlottetown
subject yearbook--Universities and Colleges--Prince of Wales College--Residence--Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island --Prince Edward Island --
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